What are people saying about The String Thing?

This is my favorite new book to read to my great grandkids! Such a great message and beautiful illustrations.


Wonderfully written with great illustrations! Yes, it looks like a children’s book, but the message is one that children of all ages and adults need to be reminded of. It is a simple read that opens the door for great discussions on team work, and how everyone has a gift given to them and is needed and important to accomplish a goal.

We love how David incorporates the much needed emotions of faith, hope and love in this story. When they are all present in a task, the unimaginable can happen!

There are other little hidden messages that can be discussed as well. If we, at any age, would be as these children and join in together, so much could be accomplished!

So looking forward to David’s next book!

Ben & Kathy

This book is wonderful!  It teaches a lot about sharing, working together and learning how to get along with all people.  My grandson loved it!


I am so excited to be able to share this book with my teacher friends and all the little people that I love! It has such a wonderful message of working together to help others! That message translates to adults as well, reminding us to use our own gifts for the good of other people. I can see this story being used in so many ways in classrooms at all levels!


My grandson Derek enjoyed that this was about children working together. The illustrations are SO vibrant!


What a fun book with a great message!


What are your kids reading right now?

We’ve discovered an awesome new kids book that is perfect for these weird & crazy times!

Our long-time family friend and all-around awesome human, David Burrier, just published a children’s book about the power of people coming together to help.

My 5 & 7-year-olds absolutely loved the story, the art work is cute, and the discussion questions at the end really got us talking.

While the book is not overtly Christian, the parallels are there & it opened us up to talking about:

✔️ The importance of writing scripture in your heart, so you can tap into it when you need it
✔️ How Jesus calls us to help others
✔️ That we’re not in this alone
✔️ We’re stronger together

David has a dream of getting this book on the best seller list. If you’re needing a fresh book for your kids or a gift for a friend, please check out The String Thing. We love our String Thing book!


I thought you might like to see Jubee reading your book. It was one of two books she picked out to read before bed tonight. She especially likes the little girls in the story named Faith and Hope.

Elaine Cooper, Best Selling Author

Evelyn and Christian are reading their new favorite book! This is a must read for all. Amazing message about using our gifts wisely and helping others when we can. The message in this book is exactly what the world needs to hear right now. When we combine Faith, Hope and a Little Love, anything is possible!

Craig and Leslie

My granddaughter Madaline absolutely loves it!! Thank you David for sharing such an important message with our little ones! Blessings to you!!


We loved it!  We learned a valuable lesson that emphasizes the impact of community in harmony. When we act together and hold one another’s hand, even while receiving doubt, we can accomplish great things!


We try to make a String Thing wherever we go!


We enjoyed The String Thing children’s book. We especially loved the characters. Great story! We were blessed to read it!


If the world would not only read David’s book, but HEED it, what a wonderful world this would be! And it’s especially good to teach this to the kids early!

Van Harden, WHO Radio

Thank you so much for sending me an autographed  book. I love the message!


I read The String Thing and this 73-year-old enjoyed it! I love the story of how alone we can do little, but united the impossible can be accomplished!  Keep up the good work!


I love this so much! What a wonderful and timeless message. I pray your book makes it into as many homes as possible! Excellent job, and I love the book!


I love The String Thing!  I want my grandkids to know that with faith, hope and love, anything is possible.


The Ballerina and The Bear Publishing is proud to present The String Thing by David Burrier. We published this amazing book because of its positive message for readers of all ages. David Burrier is a talented writer and exemplifies the message that when we use are gifts wisely and help others, then anything is possible.

Craig Biss, The Ballerina and The Bear Publishing

I’m excited that my friend David Burrier is continuing to encourage everyday people. From speaking, to listening and now writing! My grandchildren have been enjoying The String Thing book ever since it came out. A quick, fun and spiritually encouraging read for ‘children of all ages!’ Make sure you have a copy!

John Desaulniers, Station Manager at The Truth Network

As teachers, we encourage our students to work together as a team. We help them understand that when challenges arise you can use the strengths of the group to help you overcome even the greatest of obstacles.
That message is shared so well in The String Thing book!  It can help students grasp a deeper understanding around teamwork, hope and love! 

Johnnie, K-5 Technology Teacher

Your children and grandchildren need a copy of David Burrier’s The Sting Thing! Our world is being torn apart by division and self-interest that is having an immense negative impact. The String Thing is a positive, values-driven story that clearly presents the reciprocal power of community and team work. The good you sow into others may be the very thing you need sown back into you. It is a great read and will leave you inspired and encouraged. We are better together!

Gary Pilcher, Lead Pastor of Berean Assembly of God in Pleasant Hill, Iowa