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The String Thing teaches the value of cooperation, collaboration, kindness and helping others. 

This children’s book has a profound adult cross-over message for any group or organization that seeks to create and inspire synergy within their team by emphasizing the valuable contributions of each and every member.  This will predictably result in “the whole being stronger than the sum of its parts.”

Types of events

The String Thing presentation is entertaining & motivational.  It is appropriate and adaptable to events and organizations, including but not limited to:

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David is a seasoned motivational, inspirational and entertaining speaker, as well as a published author, poet, humorist, singer, songwriter and master storyteller. David speaks to all sizes of groups.  David’s guarantee is that his audiences will “walk away with a renewed sense of mission and purpose in life.” 

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“My life will be a source of inspiration so that whoever I encounter will walk away with a renewed sense of mission and purpose in life.”

David L. Burrier
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