The String Thing

A book about teamwork, kindness and helping others for all ages by author David L. Burrier

In this delightful and lively story, the adults and children of the Kingdom of Niceria, both royal and common, struggle to accomplish the rescue of someone who’s fallen down a deep, dark well. Thanks to a wise king and a special gift he gives to every child in the kingdom, and to three children who step forward in courage, a profound idea is born.

You may well ask, “How can a story about string become a legend?” See how a simple ball of string became a symbol of the power of cooperation and collaboration for an entire kingdom. This children’s book has a profound adult cross-over message for any group or organization that seeks to create and inspire synergy within their team by emphasizing the valuable contribution of all its members resulting in the “whole becoming stronger than the sum of its parts.”

Explore The Kingdom of Niceria to learn more about the land, it’s remarkable inhabitants and the story of The String Thing!

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What does Van Harden have to say about The String Thing?

“If the world would not only read David’s book, but HEED it, what a wonderful world this would be! And it’s especially good to teach this to the kids early!”

Van Harden, WHO Radio

Why does David’s pastor think YOU should read The String Thing?

Your children and grandchildren need a copy of David Burrier’s The Sting Thing! It is a positive, values-driven story that clearly presents the reciprocal power of community and team work. The good you sow into others may be the very thing you need sown back into you. It is a great read and will leave you inspired and encouraged. We are better together!

Gary Pilcher, Lead Pastor of Berean Assembly of God in Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Why did Craig Biss choose to publish The String Thing?

The Ballerina and The Bear Publishing is proud to present The String Thing by David Burrier. We published this amazing book because of its positive message for readers of all ages. David Burrier is a talented writer and exemplifies the message that when we use are gifts wisely and help others, then anything is possible.

Craig Biss, The Ballerina and The Bear Publishing

What does this teacher love about The String Thing?

As teachers, we encourage our students to work together as a team. We help them understand that when challenges arise you can use the strengths of the group to help you overcome even the greatest of obstacles.
That message is shared so well in The String Thing!  It can help students grasp a deeper understanding around teamwork, hope and love! 

Johnnie, K-5 Teacher

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