“My life will be a source of inspiration so that whoever I encounter will walk away with a renewed sense of mission and purpose in life.”

David L. Burrier, personal life mission statement

David L. Burrier

Author of The String Thing

David L. Burrier grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa where he learned the value of “people helping people.” He recalls being inspired at a young age as he observed neighbors working together to harvest the crop of a disabled farmer. David has founded several organizations based on the premise that, “when we work together to help others, we strengthen ourselves.”

David is a seasoned motivational, inspirational and entertaining speaker, as well as a published author, poet, humorist, singer, songwriter and master storyteller. David speaks to all sizes of groups.  David’s guarantee is that his audiences will “walk away with a renewed sense of mission and purpose in life.”

He is the founder of I’VE BEEN THERE Ministries (IBTM) — a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring a message of hope to a hurting world. Many of his creations can be found on his website, where you can also schedule him to speak at conventions, school assemblies, churches and other gatherings.

You can read David’s daily messages of hope on the IBTM Facebook page or add David as a friend on his personal Facebook page.

“As our society has steadily moved toward isolationism, we have missed the opportunity to experience the joy of accomplishing great things by working together,” says David. He considers this lesson to be a discovery of one of life’s many diamonds.

David’s Book Dedication

I dedicate my String Thing book to my faithful Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  My dedication also extends to my family including Karen Burrier who has always provided inspiration, support and encouragement to my numerous ideas and ventures over the years and to my three grown children Joni (daughter), Brian (son), and Marcus (son) and my grandchildren, Miya, Isaiah, Maebry, June, Lainey, Norah and Jaxon.

The name King Tovardana (Pronounced “Tahv-are-donna”) is a compilation of the letters of my parent’s and sibling’s names as indicated below.

Tom Burrier (Brother), Valerie Burrier Mormann (Sister), Leonard Burrier (Father), Daniel Burrier (Brother), Donna Burrier (Mother)

To God be the Glory!

David Burrier

Beyond the Books

Royalties donated to Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp

David is donating 100% of his current and future personal royalties from all books in the Burrié Children’s Book Series to Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City, Iowa, to be used to fund summer camp scholarships for underprivileged children.

Learn more about Riverside.